HoustonTracker 2

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Introduction/tutorial video for version 2.30
Introduction/tutorial video for version 2.20
Introduction/tutorial video for version 2.10
Thinking in Binary: The Making of HoustonTracker 2 (seminar at Revision 2017)
HoustonTracker 2 quick introduction at Steemfest 2016

About HoustonTracker 2

HoustonTracker 2 is a music editor/sequencer for the Texas Instruments TI-82, TI-83/82STATS, and TI-83+/84+/SE. It allows you to compose and play multi-channel 1-bit music directly on your TI graphic calculator.

HoustonTracker 2 is a complete rewrite of the original Houston Tracker. Like HT, it is developed by utz aka irrlicht project.


• 3 tone channels
• 1 non-interrupting drum channel
• up to 128 note patterns
• up to 64 drum/fx patterns
• sequence length up to 255 pattern rows
• 16-bit frequency precision
• 8-bit speed precision, can be configured per step
• various effects, including:
  - L/C/R stereo hard-panning for tone and drum channels
  - 8bit duty cycle control
  - duty cycle sweep
• 2 user definable samples
• up to 8 savestates
• edit during playback

 Sound example


Latest stable: version 2.30 (includes 82/83/8x binaries and pdf manual)
Development version and source or "git clone https://github.com/utz82/HoustonTracker2.git"
Browse source on Github

Old release: version 2.20 (includes 82/83/8x binaries, savestate manager, and docs)
Old release: version 2.10 (includes 82/83/8x binaries and docs)
Old release: version 2.00 (includes 82/83/8x binaries and docs)

HoustonTracker 2 is and always will be free, open source software. To support the project and help fund further development, please consider a donation.

I could also do with some more TIs for testing. If you have a TI-73, TI-76.fr, TI-82STATS, TI82+, TI-83+ SE, TI-84+, or TI-84+ SE, and would be willing to donate it to the good cause, please get in touch at the address below.

Questions? Suggestions? Bug Reports?

Write to utz at this domain

Version History

Version 2.30 -   NEW/CHANGES

- note table tuned to ~440 Hz (and some notes produce more useful noise fx as a result)
- ch2 duty sweep (5xx, xx > 0x80) now has a configurable parameter (xx & 0x7f)
- effect 7xx (auto-chord) now has two modes: unsynced (regular) and synced (octave chord)
- channel volumes rebalanced
- slowed down ch3 slides, 3xx now works like 2xx (xx is no longer inverse)
- 9xx no longer disables 3xx
- new effect: ch3 grind (enabled with 6xx, xx>0x80)
- old Axx has been ditched
- new Axx effect: set phase offset ch3
- Synth Mode: hold current row
- add display of last used savestate
- add pattern loop playback mode


- fixed user drum input glitch
- fixed major bug in keyhandler
- reset player when clearing worktune

Version 2.20 -   NEW/CHANGES

- new effect: 7xx - auto chord ch2
- Exx is now the "Extended" fx command - execute up to 5 fx commands at once (old E00..E03 is now E80..E83)
- Bxy now has added "loop section" function
- more fine-grained tempo control
- Copy/Paste keys are arranged in a more consistent/safe manner (check the manual for details!)
- (somewhat) reduced noise during row transitions
- improved fx handling
- ht2util savestate manager now included


- fixed wrong Drum panning (was inverted)
- faulty executable checksum calculation fixed (was causing errors with TI-Connect)

Version 2.10 -   NEW/CHANGES

- channel 1 now has variable duty cycle, too
- new effect: 4xx - set duty/noise mode ch1
- old 4xx (toggle duty cycle sweep) has been merged in to 5xx (set duty ch2)
- old Cxx (set drum mode) is now Dxx
- old Dxx (set vol ch1/drums) has been removed (no longer possible for technical reasons)
- new effect: 8xx - execute note table ch3
- new effect: 9xx - glitch channel 3
- new Cxx effect: note cut ch1
- TI-82 Parcus/OS 19.006 support
- ALPHA mode is now one-shot, ie. it is turned off after an ALPHA mode action has been performed
- sound loop now has cycle-exact timing except if drum modes 2x-4x are used
- 3xx now uses inverse values (0xff = slowest setting), and is deactivated with 300 instead of 200.
The old 300 effect can be achieved with command 9FF instead.
- 2xx/3xx no longer trigger on rest notes.
- "glitchy" drum modes no longer output sound on rows without a drum trigger
- AutoInc is now off by default


- fixed recovery from failed save attempt
- fx pattern 0x3f was previously lost during save, fixed
- note pattern 0x7f was inaccessible from sequence screen, fixed
- fixed broken loop point setting
- improved keypad debouncing on Plus models
- mode indicators were incorrect after loading/zapping a tune, fixed

Version 2.00 -  First public release.