June th, 2016

Two New ZX Beeper Engines: zbmod and Beepertoy v0.1

Two for the price of one! Exhibit A: zbmod, a 3 channel MOD player. It’s meant to replace the notorious SampleTracker, which until now was the only engine to mix 3 sample channels on the Speccy beeper. I think it’s fair to say that zbmod sounds much better :D It also has a better tone range, and the ability to loop samples. Demo tune + source code + download (includes an XM converter).

Exhibit B: Beepertoy v0.1. Now this one is a beast! It brings together various different engines under one hood. So you can have the best of both the pin pulse and pulse interleaving world, as well as advanced wavetable synthesis with bleeding edge fx technology. Demo tune + source code + download (does not come with an XM converter, unfortunately).