April th, 2018

In nihilum reverteris Apple II OST

Composed the title music for the Apple II port of Yerzmyey’s new interactive novel, “In nihilum reverteris”. You can download the game for free, or check out the music on my soundcloud.

After considering a number of options, I ended up using the Electric Duet 1-bit music driver for this project. Developed by Paul Lutus in 1980, it may be the world’s first implementation of the pulse interleaving technique. The author released the source code a few years ago, along with a very enlightening write-up. The original Electric Duet editor already has a pretty good workflow and feels surprisingly modern and tracker-like for a program released in 1981. However, in the end I did opt for writing an XM converter for the sake of efficiency. Overall, I have to say I quite enjoyed my first foray into Apple II territory, not least thanks to the patient help of cybernesto, who did the code for this project.