October th, 2019

Q3 2019 Updates: Bintracker Progress, New Engines, Live Shows

Wow, another 6 months have passed already. Time for an update.

Most of my time goes into MDAL and Bintracker these days. As some of you may already know, I abandoned the original C++ implementation, and started from scratch in Scheme. To sum it up, things are coming along nicely, and I’m confident that Bintracker will become the all-powerful chiptune audio workstation that I envisioned. Recently I gave a few talks on the project, and there’s a proper website at bintracker.org now.

I also went to Chipwrecked this year and played a show there. Absolutely loved the festival and hope to be back there next year.

In May, I took a break from my usual activities to write the soundtrack for İzler (Traces), a Turkish film about the aftermath of the Balkan Wars. Needless to say it was pretty challenging, as I’d never worked on a film soundtrack before, but I think it turned out pretty good. The film is yet to be released to the public, will post another update when that happens, of course.

Furthermore, I briefly returned to writing ZX beeper engines. Archie is a weird beast that approximates sine waves with two asynchronous square waves, among other things, and Velvet is a pin pulse engine with support for state-of-the-art noise technology pioneered by Kurt James Werner.