January 8th, 2022

New Doppelplusungut Release: Das Meerchen vom Meerjungtroll

Another year, another Doppelplusungut. After last year’s online experiment, we both were craving to go back to the Rotz and do an album in the classic ++u way: a colorful mix of vastly different music styles executed with blissful incompetence, wrapping up a pun-filled, dadaistic radio play (in German). For the latter, we went with a fairy tale set in a bizarre underwater world this time. A gory fairy tale, that is.

As the custom demands, we release this album exclusively as a small run of home-made CDs. Who even has a CD player nowadays? If you do, and you want to own the latest or any of the previous twelve Doppelplusungut releases, get in touch. And speaking of last year’s vinyl release, it appears some of these rare disks are actually available for sale online now.