Houston Tracker

About Houston Tracker

Houston Tracker has been discontinued and is now obsolete. It has been succeeded by HoustonTracker 2.

Houston Tracker is an editor/sequencer which allows you to compose and play polyphonic 1-bit music on your TI graphic calculator. At the moment, it is available for TI82, TI83/82STATS, and TI83+/84+/SE. Ports to other Z80-based TI calculators will follow soon.


- Polyphonic 1-bit sound, play up to 4 tones simultaneously     
- 3 different sound routines (2x PFM, 1x Pulse Interleaving)
- Stereo sound
- Song length up to 2000 steps (1600 on TI83+/84+)
- Multispeed tunes
- Simple "Live" effects
- Compact editor + player (~ 4.5 KB)

Sound examples:  Engine 1   Engines 2/3



August 28th, 2013
The source code is now publicly available at github.

May 31st, 2013
Version 0.3 -   Added "Light" versions, which take up less memory (but have a lower song length limit).
Added a new drum sound.
Added channel mute/deactivate for RowPlay and copying.
Added support for saving multiple tracks.
Various optimizations, about 300 bytes shaved from core routine.

April 19th, 2013
Version 0.22 -  Added TI83+/84+ port.
Fixed a minor bug in the TI83 version which prevented drum 2 from playing.

April 16th, 2013
Version 0.21 -  Added TI83 port.
Fixed a critical bug which prevented the TIM-FX routine from exiting.

April 12th, 2013
Version 0.2 -   Added Copy/Paste and a number of other features that will make editing less tedious.
Added rudimentary "live" features: Hold (pause) and Loop Current Row.
Added simple Save/Load functionality.
Added 2 new sound routines - TIM-FX (2 PFM channels + various fx), and Mark-2 (3 square wave channels)
Added an option to change the tempo mid-song.
Fixed a critical bug which caused the calc to freeze when trying to play row #000 with end marker set.

March 1st, 2013
Version 0.1 -  First public beta release.


Many thanks go to:

SorgenFreu for all his contributions, especially for manually tuning the pitch table
c'd for help with TI83+ version
Shiru for his concept of a direct-to-memory editor
Hideaki Omuro for CrAsh
The Omnimaga and cm.org communities for ideas and cheers