HoustonTracker 2

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Warhawk (C64) on TI + HT2 presentation by tubesockor(2020)
Introduction/tutorial video for version 2.30
Introduction/tutorial video for version 2.20
Introduction/tutorial video for version 2.10
Thinking in Binary: The Making of HoustonTracker 2 (seminar at Revision 2017)
HoustonTracker 2 quick introduction at Steemfest 2016

About HoustonTracker 2

HoustonTracker 2 is a music editor/sequencer for the Texas Instruments TI-82, TI-83/82STATS, and TI-83+/84+/SE. It allows you to compose and play multi-channel 1-bit music directly on your TI graphic calculator.

HoustonTracker 2 is a complete rewrite of the original Houston Tracker. Like HT, it is developed by utz aka irrlicht project.


• 3 tone channels
• 1 non-interrupting drum channel
• up to 128 note patterns
• up to 64 drum/fx patterns
• sequence length up to 255 pattern rows
• 16-bit frequency precision
• 8-bit speed precision, can be configured per step
• various effects, including:
  - L/C/R stereo hard-panning for tone and drum channels
  - 8bit duty cycle control
  - duty cycle sweep
• 2 user definable samples
• up to 8 savestates
• edit during playback

 Sound example


Latest stable: version 2.30 (includes 82/83/8x binaries and pdf manual)
Development version and source or "git clone https://github.com/utz82/HoustonTracker2.git"
Browse source on Github

Old release: version 2.20 (includes 82/83/8x binaries, savestate manager, and docs)
Old release: version 2.10 (includes 82/83/8x binaries and docs)
Old release: version 2.00 (includes 82/83/8x binaries and docs)

HoustonTracker 2 is and always will be free, open source software. To support the project and help fund further development, please consider a donation.

I could also do with some more TIs for testing. If you have a TI-73, TI-76.fr, TI-82STATS, TI82+, TI-83+ SE, TI-84+, or TI-84+ SE, and would be willing to donate it to the good cause, please get in touch at the address below.


Want to book me for a HoustonTracker workshop? Write a mail to utz at this domain!

Questions? Suggestions? Bug Reports?

Write to utz at this domain or open a ticket on the github issue tracker.

Version History

Version 2.30 -   NEW/CHANGES

- note table tuned to ~440 Hz (and some notes produce more useful noise fx as a result)
- ch2 duty sweep (5xx, xx > 0x80) now has a configurable parameter (xx & 0x7f)
- effect 7xx (auto-chord) now has two modes: unsynced (regular) and synced (octave chord)
- channel volumes rebalanced
- slowed down ch3 slides, 3xx now works like 2xx (xx is no longer inverse)
- 9xx no longer disables 3xx
- new effect: ch3 grind (enabled with 6xx, xx>0x80)
- old Axx has been ditched
- new Axx effect: set phase offset ch3
- Synth Mode: hold current row
- add display of last used savestate
- add pattern loop playback mode


- fixed user drum input glitch
- fixed major bug in keyhandler
- reset player when clearing worktune

Version 2.20 -   NEW/CHANGES

- new effect: 7xx - auto chord ch2
- Exx is now the "Extended" fx command - execute up to 5 fx commands at once (old E00..E03 is now E80..E83)
- Bxy now has added "loop section" function
- more fine-grained tempo control
- Copy/Paste keys are arranged in a more consistent/safe manner (check the manual for details!)
- (somewhat) reduced noise during row transitions
- improved fx handling
- ht2util savestate manager now included


- fixed wrong Drum panning (was inverted)
- faulty executable checksum calculation fixed (was causing errors with TI-Connect)

Version 2.10 -   NEW/CHANGES

- channel 1 now has variable duty cycle, too
- new effect: 4xx - set duty/noise mode ch1
- old 4xx (toggle duty cycle sweep) has been merged in to 5xx (set duty ch2)
- old Cxx (set drum mode) is now Dxx
- old Dxx (set vol ch1/drums) has been removed (no longer possible for technical reasons)
- new effect: 8xx - execute note table ch3
- new effect: 9xx - glitch channel 3
- new Cxx effect: note cut ch1
- TI-82 Parcus/OS 19.006 support
- ALPHA mode is now one-shot, ie. it is turned off after an ALPHA mode action has been performed
- sound loop now has cycle-exact timing except if drum modes 2x-4x are used
- 3xx now uses inverse values (0xff = slowest setting), and is deactivated with 300 instead of 200.
The old 300 effect can be achieved with command 9FF instead.
- 2xx/3xx no longer trigger on rest notes.
- "glitchy" drum modes no longer output sound on rows without a drum trigger
- AutoInc is now off by default


- fixed recovery from failed save attempt
- fx pattern 0x3f was previously lost during save, fixed
- note pattern 0x7f was inaccessible from sequence screen, fixed
- fixed broken loop point setting
- improved keypad debouncing on Plus models
- mode indicators were incorrect after loading/zapping a tune, fixed

Version 2.00 -  First public release.