October 6th, 2015

HoustonTracker 2 Released

Horray, it’s finally done! My new music editor for Texas Instruments’ graphing calculators was officially released at the Deadline demoscene event in Berlin last weekend. For further details, downloads, and documentation, head over to the official HoustonTracker website. What follows here is a little making-of, and some personal thoughts on the project.


September 24th, 2015

New ZX Spectrum Beeper Engine: Tritone FX

Strangely enough, after finishing the 7d7e project, I was even more in the mood to create new 1-bit sound routines. So today I present you Tritone FX, a clone of Shiru’s Tritone engine with some added features.


September 20th, 2015

7d7e: Seven New ZX Spectrum Sound Routines in Seven Days

The past couple of weeks, I went on a coding spree, making a number of new 1-bit sound routines. Instead of just throwing the routines out on the net, I decided to release them within the scope of a little art project, publishing one engine per day over the course of one week. Hopefully this will help a bit to spread my vision of code as an artform in it’s own right.