Houston Tracker


CURRENT VERSION: Houston Tracker 0.3 (TI82/83/83+/84+ binaries + manual, 80KB)

Previous versions:
Houston Tracker 0.22 (TI82/83/83+/84+ binaries + manual, 65KB)
Houston Tracker 0.1 (TI82 binary + manual, 20KB)

Source code:
The latest source code can be found in the HT git repository.

Other Downloads

TI 1-bit Pack 0.3 (TI82/83 sources + manual)
The TI 1-bit Pack contains a number of 1-bit sound routines from the Sinclair ZX Spectrum home computer, which have been adapted for use with TI82/83 calculators. Music for these routines can be composed using the usual PC/ZX cross-dev tools (Beepola, 1tracker, xm2huby).
The sources should be easily portible to other Z80-based TI calculators as well, since they do not depend on any ROM or shell routines.