Houston Tracker

Here are a couple of related links for the aspiring TI/1-bit musician.

TI Calc Links
ticalc.org, the #1 source of information on all things TI
Omnimaga, an online community for graphic calculator enthusiasts
Cemetech, another great online community for TI/Casio developers
TI-Planet, the main French-speaking TI community
Tout82, a French-speaking online community for TI82/TI82STATS users
mobileTunes, a mature multi-channel music player for TI83+/84+
8 times 8, HP of Koen van Vliet, developer of TIMID, a soundchip for the TI84+, and other cool stuff

1-bit Music Links
1-bit Music News
Shiru, author of various 1-bit routines, and 1tracker, a minimalistic PC-based chip/1-bit music editor
Beepola, another PC-based 1-bit music tracker for ZX Spectrum
ZX Spectrum 48K Music Portal
Mister Beep, the 1-bit music legend
Dr. Timothey Follin, the greatest 1-bit musician of all times